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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Watching Knowing& Election day

yesterday i went to Pejaten Village to watch Knowing film with some pals. i was so excited, soalnya pas gue baca resensinya di majalah gue pikir filmya bagus. Ternyata filmnya emang bagussss bgt, but unfortunately, the ending is quite jerks, no sense banget, i can't tell you the ending so you must watch it for yourself :)

i will tell you some review, 50 years ago(1959), theres a girl named Lucinda(Lara Robinson) wrote so many strange numbers in her paper, and that paper was put in time capsule in underground. and now(2009) the time capsule is open and a boy,Caleb(Chandler Canterbury) got that paper. Her father, a scientist named Prof, Jonathan Koestler(Nicolas Cage) see it and that numbers obviously show the disasters that happened in this 5 decades!
Guys this film is really worth it to watch :) gue kalo pgn nntn film harus ada chemistrynya dulu dan pas nonton Knowing dapet bgt hehehe

Todaaaay is Indonesian Election day! Sayangnya gue belom bisa milih tahun ini. Buat yg udh bisa milih, choose the best political party yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Last, happy holiday for youuuuuuuu (but not for me cause well seninnya gue ulangan umum, erght thats sucks)