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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Study tour to Bogor!

I just back from my studytour with school today!
first we visited President's Palace in Cipanas. We saw the parlour, dining room, President and family's bedroom, we saw hot water bathing place too. The guide explained to us about history of this palace. tapi sayangnya kita ngga boleh foto2 di dalem istana. so we just took photos at the garden (wide: about 26 hectares!)

hihi there are dark horses!

at plants shop &dila

After that, our next and the last place was Flowers Park of Archipelago (Taman Bunga Nusantara). hmm so many wonderful flowers and trees in this park

Di Taman Bunga ini juga ada jam yang besaaar, in front of doorway. It named "Jam Taman"

Me and my fellas tried to explore the big Labyrinth together ;) Dan kita sempet sering banget kesesat. thanks to Rahma yang udah ngasih tau jalan yang "benar menurut dia" hahaha. Oiya sempet hujan deres juga -___- jadi tambah dingin udaranya

(my clothes when heavy rain and so-cold temperature)
jacket; Qelephant
White chemise; Kiabi
Jeans; Victoria jeans
Shoes; Unbranded

Gue, Rahma, Angie sempet misah. We went to "Taman Jepang" and then 'Rumah Kaca", buat ngumpulin data-data bunga dan fotonya untuk tugas yang dikasih. ckck nyusahin... Tapi kita tetep foto-foto dong hehe

(candid; all taken by Angie. thanks james! :P)

at The Glass House

finally, we went back to school at 16.00pm

atmosphere at my class' bus; they all looked like grim and had tired faces! hehe

me & strawberry; asem stroberinyaaa -________-

Wow what a nice vacation ! :D